Come as you are. Leave transformed.

ServiceworX takes place at local parishes and schools and is a life-changing program for junior high students that explores service and social justice through the lens of the Catholic faith during a week-long service immersion day program (approximately 4 hours Sunday with times varying by location; Monday – Friday 8:30am-3:00pm).

ServiceworX is facilitated by passionate ministry staff who help participants live their faith through engaging prayer services, lively discussions, and dynamic community service. We design and staff the week-long, service immersion day program at the participating parish or school, with outreach to local social service agencies and non-profit organizations.  A fun-filled way to help young people learn the meaning of faith and service.

Participating parishes will be given personalized links to use for registration and sharing important information about that specific program location and week. Families will receive this website information from their respective parish offices.

Want to learn more about hosting ServiceworX at your school or parish? Contact Maggie Smith for more information.

ServiceworX FAQ

Clothing and Footwear

Given agency regulations and community expectations it is absolutely necessary that students bring the proper attire for service sites and host parishes/schools. Modest clothing is required of all participants at all sites at all times. This applies to both boys and girls and includes: knee (or near knee) length shorts, tee shirts with sleeves (rather than tank tops, crop tops, etc.), and appropriate images or texts on clothing (no lewd images or coarse language). Participants are encouraged to pack enough clothing in case they wish to change after working at their service site and upon return to their host site (though this is most often unnecessary). Regarding work clothes: given the variety of work youth participants may be doing (from daycare to light construction/landscaping) they may be expected to wear pants or jeans to the site. All sites require closed toed shoes (sneakers or boots). Sandals and open toed shoes can be worn upon return to the parish/school at lunch. Youth not in the proper attire will be sent home.


Cell phones and related media/technology are strongly discouraged while on program. If participants are insistent upon bringing these devices, the following guidelines must be observed. All student cell phones will be collected and held by staff for the duration of the daily program. The policy regarding phones is necessary to prevent the constant usage of phones and text messaging and for the safety of the participants. The same policy applies for personal listening devices, gaming devices, smartwatches, etc. If a participant is found to have his/her phone in their possession, they will be asked to turn it off/on silent and given to the leader (if not at the host site) who will then place it in the bin with all other phones at the host site. All phones/electronics can be picked up at check out each day.


If a participant needs to take medication(s) during their time at ServiceworX the participant must bring the medication(s) in clearly marked/labeled containers. On a separate sheet of paper parents must provide concise directions that include the names of medications, the required dosage and an intake schedule. Please note that a failure to indicate, in writing, all prescription and non-prescription medications a youth participant is currently taking may result in dismissal from the program.

The parent/guardian of a participant must provide ServiceworX staff with information on all medications being taken. Parents must request – in writing – if they wish for staff to dispense medications to their child. Our ability to honor this request will be decided in collaboration with parent(s)/guardian(s). Alternatively, parents must also indicate in writing if they are authorizing their children to “self-dispense” any medications. Such notifications must be included with the health and waiver forms. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to speak with the Team Leader of the program at check in to share any additional information/answer questions.

Typical Schedule

ServiceworX begins on a Sunday (start time varies by parish) at the host parish/school. Participants will report to a pre-determined meeting location within the parish/school and parents must accompany their children for sign-in everyday. Sunday is an opportunity for the staff and participants to meet, get to know each other and talk about what they week ahead will contain. It is also a chance for parents to ask any remaining questions they might have regarding the upcoming week. Parents must come in to sign their children out at the end of each program day.

The Friday schedule remains the same except for the closing prayer service at 2:30 PM where parents are invited to join the participants. Friday’s activities will conclude at approximately 3:00 PM. The staff attempts to schedule the closing prayer service at a time when parents can join their children, though that is not always possible.

Arrival and Departure

Given its impact on the entire program, late arrivals at the beginning of the day and early departures at the end of the day are strongly discouraged. Drop off & pick up times are covered in the email families will receive about 10 days prior to the program. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must accompany participants into the building for drop off/sign in and pick up/sign out.


Transportation is provided for participants to travel to and from service sites each day of the program. When possible, a school bus will be used to transport the participants. There are some locations that will require participants to be transported to and from the service sites in rented vans operated solely by ServiceworX staff members. Seat belts are available for every participant and must be worn at all times.

Service Sites

Participants will spend a good part of the day at service sites in their local communities. Past service sites have included nursing homes, environmental projects, low-income day care facilities and food pantries. Participants are under the supervision of ServiceworX staff members at all times during their workday at the service sites. You can also see a running list of many of our service site partners by clicking HERE.


ServiceworX is led by enthusiastic adults and young adults committed to faith in action. All ServiceworX staff members have undergone VIRTUS certification, background checks, and driving history screening when necessary. A ratio of 1 staff member to every 6 participants is maintained at all times during the program.