WorX Partners

Our WorX partners take several forms, most notably they are parishes, high schools and host sites.

Parish Partners

Parishes are welcome to host a ServiceworX program at any time of the year and/or promote JusticeworX programs to parish teens! We can also work with your parish to customize a program that best fits the needs of your youth. From summer needs to accompanying your faith formation programs, we are here for you. Several of our partner parishes have worked with us for many years now (some since our first year of programs!), while some are new to us in the past few years. We are excited and grateful to work with each of them. If you are from a parish and interested in working with CFJ, please email Maggie Smith.

High School Partners

High schools often partner with us to offer JusticeworX as an opportunity for a summer service immersion experience for their students. Some schools reserve full program weeks/locations for their students, while others reserve a smaller number of spaces for specific weeks/locations. Other interested high schools will promote JusticeworX to their students and invite CFJ staff to speak to classes or set up an info table at the school during the year for students to learn more and speak with our staff. We have several high schools who have continued to partner with us since the early years of JusticeworX! The staff at these schools welcome conversations with new schools, campus ministers and teachers who are considering JusticeworX for their teens.

Parishes or schools interested in learning more about ServiceworX, JusticeworX, customizing a worX program for their parish during the academic year or reserving a week for a summer program week can contact Maggie Smith.

Host Site Partners

The host sites are locations that house/host our ServiceworX and JusticeworX program participants. For ServiceworX, these locations are typically the sponsoring parishes that open their spaces for participants to use during large group program time before and after service each day. Our JusticeworX, participants will most often stay at a retreat center or similar space while on their program week. We are thankful to our host sites, some of which also partner with us in other ways, for opening their doors and offering hospitality to our program participants and staff.

Meet our Organizational Partners

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