I am a woman of many titles.

Primero— Krysta Shaye, or Krys for short, Krysta for a comfortable medium, K. Shaye for abbreviation purposes, and Krystal for the sole purpose of being wrong. To the migrant-harvesting, multi-faceted powerhouse of a mother and self-starter, from-the-ground-up business owner of a father, I am a daughter. To the chosen, I am a sister. To the mini luzes de mi vida, I am an aunt/Nina. To the top-tier, fearlessly-bold, non-stop dreamers and parents of my parents, I am a granddaughter. To my ancestors, whose blood and fuerza flows through every ounce of my being, I am their wildest dreams.

As for my new title at the Center for FaithJustice, I am the 2017-2018 FaithJustice Fellow!

In a family where hard work and ganas are the currency one pays to exist in a world of opportunity, relating a year of service came with much support but not necessarily much understanding. “Pero mija, what will you do?” “Y sus bills?” “Como que ‘unpaid?’” “Won’t you miss home?”

The truth? Of course I will miss home. Not much comes close to the sound of the chiquitos running through the house while the smell of Momo’s homemade tortillas fills the air. Of course there is comfort in financial stability. Of course there is comfort in having a job title that remains concrete. Of course there is comfort in what is black and white.

Another truth? I prefer the grey zone. I like not having all of the answers, and when I can let go of control enough to step back and breathe, I prefer it.

One last truth: the space this creates– between certainty and questionability, between comfort and anxiety, between stability and faultiness (between Texas and New Jersey)– is always enough for the Divine Creator to enter in, dwell, and lay to rest any and every anxiety my mind has tricked my heart to consider true.

Over the last three months, my heart has been called into alignment: Divinity honoring Divinity– that is, the Divinity gifted and freely given to me being honored, upheld, and brought into synchronicity with its Giver. The sureness of this alignment, this “Divine Intervention” if you will, has brought me to the open doors of the Center for FaithJustice– my new home.

The Center for FaithJustice opens its doors not only to myself but to a host of others; CFJ welcomes Love, beckons Faith, and harbors Justice. At the Center for FaithJustice, Faith cannot stand alone. Faith is upheld by work, a calling to action. Living by the mission calling in James 2:26, “faith without worX is dead,” CFJ extends a hand and fills the spaces between our fingers and those of our neighbors as we cross bridges– bridges between languages, between homelands, and, ever-so-importantly, between faith and action.
I have been offered a hand by CFJ, a hand of grace, and after loading my car, kissing mi familia y mis chiquitos (and breakfast tacos) goodbye for a while, I have arrived willing and ready, con la favor de Dios.

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