“The Transition” by Quawntashea

Salutations! Can you believe it has been a month since we last chatted? So here’s what’s been up! I celebrated the big 22! Entered my new role as an Executive Administrative Intern, and officially joined a Church! 

Big 22

Over the years I have learned little by little how to appreciate my national day of birth. You see, when your a Fall baby and It just so happens your big day lands around the same time your enrolled in school. During such a time as this, there is a possibility of three things happening:

  1. Unstable finances ( due to School shopping )
  2. Federal Holiday (Some years my big day lands on Labor Day)
  3. Distance & Time ( not enough time to plan a proper celebration). 

I knew leading up to my big day doing absolutely nothing was not an option, because every breath the God allows me to breath should be counted as a blessing: even in the face of adversity. With that in mind, I decided to connect with some of my close friends and worship our creator at A.LIFE, a college and young adult ministry that connects people to the message of Jesus in an authentic and gospel-centered community.

New Role

Yes, it’s true! I am an Executive Administrative Intern, at Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton. I know, that’s big! And if I’m honest sometimes it scares me! Don’t get me wrong I love the fancy new title, but there’s a big difference in saying who I am and being who it is that I say I am! Before starting in this new position I thought that I would walk in and instantly be barbed with questions and requests that I secretly had no Idea how to respond too. However, I am glad to report that my experience thus far is quite the opposite. In fact, I am not in a new role at all. I am still a student and life is my…. (Stay tuned for part 2). 

Change Church

As you know living faith is one of the core beliefs of the Center for FaithJustice. Hint’s “Faith without works is dead” (James 2: 26) Which is plastered on just about everything CJF related, that I own. However, it was not until I sat down to write this blog post that I realized that the same principle applies to my life as well. The presence of a community has always been a big part of my faith journey, in fact, it is the very thing that sustains it.

A few weeks ago I attended Change Church, Ewing in Trenton, as I have previously done.. That particular Sunday, Dr. Dharius Daniels expounded on the concept of “Strategies for Stress” which derived from a new series called “The S Word”. (It was good! go watch it on Youtube). During the benediction, Dr. D made a statement that instantly resonated with me. 

He said, “Some of you have been dating Change Church, for a while and it is time for you to make a commitment and get married”.  Now listen, if you personally know me you know statements like this don’t always necessarily “move” me but this time was different and I knew it. That afternoon I left Change Church with a heartfelt commitment that I would join the very community, that nurtured me throughout my college career.  

Remember to live in your purpose, not in your pain! – Q

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