When Plans Change by Q

When Plans Change!

Salutations, Family & Friends!

Remember the last time we met I told you that my abrupt leave of absence from our luxurious conversations was worth it? ….No?  It’s okay, keep reading and you will find out why!

As you may and or may not know from reading my fellowship bio. I was very adamant about pursuing my Master’s Degree in Public & Organization Relations at Montclaire State University. So adamant that I told people “IN- FAITH” that I was attending in the fall. The problem was I hadn’t even started my application yet! So……. I took a leave of absence to apply to Graduate School! 

I wish I could tell you it was EASY… but everyone around me especially those whom I enlisted for help, would tell you that it was a lie! My thought process began in November, and continued till January! Yes, I spent two months thinking about and drafting, what I would write about. Now before you start judging me, Yes! I know that many would classify that as “Procrastination”  (“the action of delaying or postponing something” ). Here’s the deal my application had no deadline. My particular program accepted applications upon rolling admissions. This means in short, I can apply whenever, as long as it is before the start of my intended enrollment period.  Now I also know your thinking, so why didn’t you just “do it” and get it out of the way! I am sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not perfect! & neither is my writing process.

As a writer, the most important step in writing anything is to tell yourself the story first. Within this process, one has to have a conversation with themself, about themself. (If that was a lot I am simply saying )“Having a talk with yourself, about yourself”.

In this process, things get messy, because you have to re-live certain moments that brought you joy and pain. I can’t help but think about a closet. Have you ever threw something in the closet as a means of “getting it out of the way”?  To make room for something else,  and or just to make the room look cleaner? …. I know you have! 

Take it in! (Go ahead- reminisce- maybe even throw a little something in the closet, if that’s your thing)…. At that moment it makes you feel good! But what happens when you’re looking for that one thing you can’t seem to find anywhere. Then the Holy Spirit reminds you, that you put it in the closet! Can’t relate? Okay, What about this one, & Raise your hand if this is you! Have you ever sent someone to get something from your room and or closet and to them it looks like a chaotic mess, but you tell them and yourself “You have a System”- No? Just me? … Okay.

The point that I am trying to make here is that writing is both messy yet beautiful.

Although we have a system, there comes a time where the closet (our minds) become so cluttered and dare say,  disoriented that we must take time to, Stop!  Pull things out, Donate, Reorganize, and Heal.  

* Stay tuned for the full update on My Journey to Grad school! * & Remember….

 Live in Your Purpose, Not in Your Pain. – Q