Thank you FJF by Cat

Hey there! Long time no talk! A lot has happened since my last post. Since we last chatted, I applied to and was accepted to Rutgers University School of Social Work and will be working towards attaining my MSW in September. I’ve experienced, and so far survived, my first ever global pandemic. I’ve navigated working from home, and coming to terms with the fact that this is not at all how I expected this fellowship to end. That all being said, sit back and relax as I try and put this whole experience into words. 

Let’s go all the way back to January 2019 when I said yes to the FaithJustice Fellowship. Did I know what I was getting myself into? Not really. Was I scared, nervous, and excited all at the same time? Yes. Did I know how much I would grow from this year? Not even close! Did I know it was the right choice, and that I would be supported in every step I took. Of course! 

Fast forward to August when I moved in and had my first real conversation with Q. We had met before, but had never had a conversation deeper than surface level. A few weeks later Karalyn joined us and we started building our community. Did I know how close we would become and how hard it would be to say goodbye? Not really. Did I know we would all grow and learn from each other? Yes. Did I know our time with Karalyn would be cut short because of COVID-19? Not even close! Did we make the best of the situation? Of course!

Then I started my professional journey working with CFJ, and “NeXt Level Coordinator” became a part of my identity.  Did I know how many professional and personal skills I would gain and strengthen? Not really. Did I know I was going to be challenged? Yes. Did I know much I would be challenged and that looking back on it I appreciate every challenge I faced? Not even close! Did I know I would have the support of the CFJ staff in every challenge I faced? Of course!

As I sit here and try to wrap up this experience, there are two words that keep popping into my head: “thank you.” 

Thank you to the CFJ staff for taking a chance and believing in me enough to offer me the position of NeXt Level Coordinator, and for the countless opportunities this year has provided me. 

Thank you to Maggie for all of your support, guidance, and mentoring. You have challenged me in the best ways and always been there to help me through the rough patches. 

Thank you to Q and Karalyn for being the best community, the hundreds of laughs, the memories I’ll never forget, for reminding me to do my dishes, and being the only people that could’ve helped me survive this year.

Thank you God for putting all these incredible people in my life, and thank you for giving me the strength I need to go out and change the world!  

While I’m still not sure exactly what my future holds, I do know that whatever I end up doing will be something that puts my faith in action, and that’s thanks to CFJ!