Gratitude Determines Attitude

I am grateful for the ways that I am being challenged to grow as a professional, as a practicing Catholic, and as an individual by my current environment, my work, my community members and co-workers, and by the youth whom I accompany. I’m grateful for the many insightful, sometimes tough, conversations that I’ve been a part of since the start of my fellowship here at CFJ – they’ve proven to be vital to my ongoing formation and providential to where I am in my personal journey. 

I am grateful for my support system (both old and new): my direct family, my spiritual family, my lifelong friends, my companion, my co-workers and supervisors, my spiritual mentors, and community members. Thank you for being witnesses to God’s love, His peace, and His promise in my life – you all know who you are. 

I am grateful for the Faith that God has given me and helped me to cultivate. Without it, I would have nothing. My faith has given me hope where meaning has not yet revealed itself for life’s many unexpected changes and outcomes. It has helped me navigate internal and external challenges, including grief and spiritual desolation, and informs how I “live” and “wait”. This year especially, faith has been my life vessel. 

Linh Nguyen